10 Reasons Why You'll Need Translation Services For Your Business

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10 Reasons Why You'll Need Translation Services For Your Business

Every business needs to go global for the single reason that they want to further grow and market their business in both local and international markets. And you are no exception to it. Going global increases your annual revenue by leaps and bounds taking chunks from the 10 trillion dollars of goods and services that are in trading across the borders.

You will need translation services to meet the statutory requirements of Government institutions, banks and other regulatory authorities as well as for marketing activities both online and offline. This article elaborates below on the 10 reasons why you’ll need translation services for your business.

  1. To Expand Your Business Far And Wide

    When you start a business and at one point of time you decide to expand it far and wide. This expansion will be across borders targeting several geographical locations. In order to do this you may need to start with your market research and find what language unites them. You may not have expertise in the language of the target market and even if you have it, it would be time consuming and difficult for you to sit and translate all your documents, business literatures and website in another language. Here is where you would like to have some one who can help you in that. The best way to handle such a situation more effectively and promptly is to straight away hire a company providing translation services with a background of handling such projects for other players in your niche.

  2. To conduct Legal Affairs in a Foreign land

    A bulk of legal documentation needs to be translated into the official language of the foreign land and properly legalized before proceeding to establish a branch or a subsidiary in the target market.

    Consumer affairs will also be a part and parcel of your daily business and anything related to legal disputes, summons or fines would require you to submit key documents duly translated and legalized in the official language of the country of operation.

    Also, every time you apply for permission to renovate or construct a new business premise you will require to seek assistance from authorized and official translation companies in order to get all your documents translated into the local language and legalized. Here comes the use of translation services from a professional company.

  3. To Deal with The Government of the Target Market

    It goes without saying that there is no avoiding the fact that you will have to deal with various Government bodies to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Most than often you’d need to deal with recurring things like permit applications, licences, even certain specific certifications like those for quality and product handling, patents, advertising approvals especially for those dealing with businesses in the F&B market. You will need to submit and process these documents in the official language of the destination country. Approach a company that provides professional translation services.

  4. To Liaise Effectively with various Embassies and Consulates

    As a business entity you may have to seek trade information, trade laws and procedures from embassies and consulates of various other countries. The Embassies and Consulates of non-English speaking countries do not entertain communication in English. All communications must be in the official language of the target country. For example if you want to communicate with the Embassy of Ukraine you will have to maintain all official communications in Ukrainian language. Even in meetings at the Embassy you may have to hire an interpreter for English to Ukrainian and vice versa to assist you translate the communications between the official of the Embassy & you or your representative. Also, you may take help of a professional company providing translation services.

  5. To Open Bank Accounts in a Foreign Land

    To fulfil the basic requirements to operate in a foreign country you will need to open company bank accounts as well as personal bank account. The banks will accept only documents that are translated in the official language of the land. This is mandatory to fulfil the regulations framed by central bank of any country.

    To avail many other support services of banks like availing of Bank Guarantees, Business loans, opening of overdraft facilities etc. you would require the services of a translation company to get your documents translated in the official language of the foreign country. Hire a company for translation services of this nature and capacity.

  6. To Bid for Tenders

    Being a business entity, tenders are of great importance to you. Both government and private bodies can award tenders. However, the Ministry of Finance may have auctions for such tenders. This will require you to register your company with the government, in order to qualify to be able to bid for the particular tender. For the registration process, you will need to submit various documents including your financials and all of them must be translated in the official language of the country of bidding or else in most cases they will be rejected in the first chance. Here is where a translation services company will come to your help.

  7. To Market Your Business To A Wider Audience

    The whole idea of having a business is to meet the demand of the market. If your market is small and targeted, at one point, you may have issues locating demand within the particular niche, namely when more competitors arise, and may have to resort to closing your business. However, this can be overcome with some help from professional translation companies. The key here is to tap into the demographic of foreign immigrants to the country of operation and find out how your products or services can benefit them. Once you have that, all you need to do is begin marketing those points to them in their native language using the assistance from companies that specialize in marketing and promotional translation services. This way, you get a bigger share of the market and you can expect your revenue to shoot up, from here on.

  8. To Prepare Business Proposals In Multiple Languages

    Business proposals are the main backbone for any new project that you may want your organization to be a part of. Whether in local or overseas market, when you’re sending a business proposal, it is very important to make sure that both parties understand clearly the terms and services of the products and services offered. Otherwise, you may risk your proposal to rejection. In order to ensure that both parties have a mutual understanding of the terms and conditions, especially if the party that you’re dealing with does not speak the same language as you do, it is best to get your business proposal translated by any available agency for translation, before sending them out. This way, not only will they be able to understand your proposal better, but they will also be psychologically more inclined to accept your proposal. Translation services companies are of great help in such situations.

  9. To Localize Your Website For Specific Markets

    Translation and localization of your business website is crucial to success in modern times. There is a popular saying: Can’t Read, Won’t Buy. It is observed how crucial online marketing has become in the recent years. It has been estimated by reputed international agencies that the number of people using Internet is approximately 4.5 billion in 2019. This is why online marketing in multiple languages is something that you won’t be ready to ignore. Partner up with a professional translation services company.

  10. Add A Personalized Touch To Your Business Social Media

    When you have figured out the popular social media platforms in your target market you will realize that the users communicate in a foreign language and also when you check the nationality mix of the location you find your prospective customers are from various language backgrounds. To be able to reach and speak to them you need to maintain social media updates and engagements in multiple languages. This has become imperative now in recent days. So, you have to hire a multilingual social media management company in your respective location to make your social media campaigns successful.


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