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High- Quality Gaming Translation...

We are professional-game translators. We translate a game’s story, its characters, the dialogues, and everything that is in the game world from one language to another. We also translate content and do necessary adjustments to gaming websites & the gaming marketplaces. We also translate the content on the packaging that comes with it.

We use language in a manner that engages gamers. This is possible as our translators are enthusiastic gamers themselves and are well versed in all the nuances of gaming. We focus on subtleties and accuracy. Most app-based & video games are more visual than verbal. This aspect is kept in consideration while making the translation of the mage tutorials or user interfaces.


Why you should choose us...

The specialties that you will enjoy in us are as follows.

  • 1- Long years of experience.
  • 2- Maintenance of deadlines.
  • 3- Professionalism Communications.
  • 4- Dedicated Accounts Manager.
  • 5- Fast & High Response Rate.
  • 6- 6-Step filter & Scrutiny process.
  • 7- Maintenance of Confidentiality.
  • 8- Affordable & Competitive Pricing, etc.
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Genres of gaming we translate...

Action genre games
Escape genre games.
First-person & Third-person genre shooter games
Sports genre games
Flash genre games
Adventure genre games
Simulation genre games
Platformer genre games
Multiplayer online games
Real-time genre strategy games
Role-Playing genre video games
Alternate-reality genre games

Do you need a multilingual voice-over in your video games?

We can create for you a multilingual voice-over feature in your video games with excellent and attractive voice-over artists in all languages. In fact, this will make your games more engaging and easy to understand for non-English speakers. We are well trained to synchronize and localize the voice-over with the on-screen characters in your games.


The workflow that we will follow...

Let’s discuss the workflow in steps that we will follow in the translation process.

Provide us with the text strings, glossary, and screenshots of the whole game with a mention of your requirements in detail with respect to target languages, target geographical locations, voice-overs, compilation & localization.

We will revert back with a quotation & the timeframe that is required to complete the mentioned tasks.

Once you accept the quotation, an invoice will be sent to you for approval & payment. If you look forward to signing a Non-Disclosure agreement with you we will complete that at this phase.

Provide us with the text strings in XML or Excel or in any of your customized file formats.

We will work on the translation & voice-over recordings if need be.

We will do the compiling & subtitling.

We will perform localized game testing.

We will provide you the final deliverable within the agreed deadline.

After your perusal of the translation you may ask for any changes and we will make the changes as desired by you

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Our Promises & Guarantees...

We guarantee you complete satisfaction in our services. We will make your journey hassle-free and full of merriment with us. We await your decision to partner with us and will be excited to work on your projects every time. Make your next-generation 4K streaming games internationally available in multiple languages. Increase your revenues at a speedy rate & minimum costs.

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Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services

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