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We provide high-quality Arabic<>English Legal Translation Services in Dubai & other Emirates...

You are looking for a reputed, professional & quick Arabic<> English legal translations services. Here we are available for you to provide you with high-quality Arabic<> English legal translation services. Why should you choose us? We have a long-standing experience in the field. Besides, we are quick and maintain a 6- Step quality control process. You will get the best pricing with us. We also maintain high confidentiality of documents you share with us by signing NDA if you desire so. A dedicated accounts manager will take care of all your needs and you will have a high response rate from him. These are just a few specialties of ours. Once you are on board you will enjoy the journey with us full of happiness & joy.


You really need to know about Arabic to English legal translation...

Arabic to English legal translation in Dubai & other Emirates is used for both indigenous and overseas purposes. It is very important for you as a national and or a resident to know about this subject in detail. Whether in the capacity of an individual or as a representative of a business enterprise you will need Arabic<>English Legal translation Services in Dubai & other Emirates often.

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Documents for indigenous use...

In the UAE all documents issued by the Government are in Arabic. The officials in business enterprises in the UAE come from different parts of the world. The common language that binds them is English. These documents are often legally translated into English for internal reference purposes. Often the decision-makers of a business enterprise need to understand the communication stated in the document for which they need English translation. Also sometimes they need to share the documents with their stakeholders & branches located overseas. In such a situation they need the support of companies like us that provide Arabic<>English Legal Translation Services in Dubai & other Emirates. We will provide you high-quality Arabic<>English Legal Translation in Dubai & all other Emirates.


Documents for overseas use...

Birth, Marriage, Divorce & Death Certificates

Medical Certificates

Educational Certificates & Transcripts

Passports & Visas

Police Clearance Certificates

Driving Licences

Succession Certificates



Court Orders & Judgements

Contracts and Agreements

Powers of Attorney

Litigation documents for Courts

Memorandum of Association

Business Licenses

Certificate of Incumbency

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Commencement of Business

Shareholder’s Certificate

Minutes of Board Meetings

How will you evaluate the translation quality...

As you are paying for the service and the translation is having a legal status it is incumbent on you to evaluate the quality of the translation. If there are mistakes or misrepresentations of facts and figures in the translation you might face a lot of negative consequences.

The 4 core evaluative variables in a legal translation are as follows:

  • 1- Legal semantic & legal consistency in the translation.
  • 2- Perfection in legal terminology, legal phraseology & legal genre conventions.
  • 3- General linguistic correctness like cohesion, syntax, punctuation, etc.
  • 4- The figures in numbers, date, time, and other reference frames.
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How will you judge a quotation...

You must know the standard price for Arabic<>English Legal Translation Services in Dubai & other Emirates. At first count the number of words in the content to be translated. Divide the number by 200 and multiply the result with AED 40 & AED 70. You will get 2 results after multiplication. The price must range in between these two figures. Kindly note that the quality of Arabic<>English Legal Translation in Dubai & all other Emirates depends upon the quality of the translator and highly-qualified translators charge on the higher side.

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How will you short-list the service provider...

The cheaper is not always the option. You must approach the best 5-7 companies for Arabic<>English legal translation in Dubai. Ask them to send you a quotation along with a sample translation of a paragraph of 100-150 words of your choice. Get the samples checked by a couple of language experts and confirm which one is most accurate and flawless. Thereafter, you can decide on whom you are going to shortlist as your service provider for Arabic<>English Legal Translation Services in Dubai.


Should you avoid Machine translation...

Legal translation is meant to be 100% Human translation. If you know that a translation company drafts the translation using AI-powered software remove its name from your list of vendors. Machines will always give faulty translations. The job must be performed by a legal translator approved & licensed by the Ministry of Justice for Arabic<>English Legal Translation in Dubai & other Emirate. There are many companies that officially provide Arabic<>English Legal Translation Services in Dubai but it is your due diligence to make sure the translation is made by a human legal translator.

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Handwritten Arabic documents translation...

You will face big trouble when the document in Arabic is handwritten. Many certificates and old documents are handwritten in Arabic. Selected translation agencies that provide Arabic<>English Legal Translation Services in Dubai are there that can decipher the handwritten documents. Ask the translation companies whether they are experienced in translating handwritten documents or not. Shortlist a company that confirms the same.

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What are the common mistakes...

The common mistakes are generally made in the proper names, date formats, terminologies, transliterations, punctuations, and syntax. To avoid mistakes in proper names provide the translation company with passport & visa copies, licenses, or other ID documents where the spellings of the names are correct. For other mistakes refer the translation to experience & professional proofreader.


Always prefer Premium Service to Standard service...

Top-class translation companies that provide Arabic<>English Legal Translation Services in Dubai have both standard & premium services. Select a company that provides premium services at affordable rates. Translation companies generally use highly experienced translators for premium services and thus the quality always differs from that of standard services. Premium services are expensive but are worth paying.

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Cultural Aspects that need attention...

In every language pair, there are separate sets of cultural aspects that need to be attended. Mention in your conversation with the translation company that you are aware of this fact and the translation will be scrutinized by experts on your side. This will enhance the responsibility of the translator and he/ she will take special care to address the cultural aspects of the target end-user. This is how you can achieve the best out of Arabic<>English Legal Translation Services in Dubai.

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Difficulties in language translation...

There are many difficulties in language translation. The translation is never the same as the original. The endeavors must be aimed at achieving the maximum exactness of the original text. Facts and figures must be kept intact. There are some words and phrases that cannot be translated as they do not have uses in the target languages. In such cases, a closer match is chosen. The closer match may differ in literal meaning but conveys the same connotation and serves the same purpose as the original.

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The Ministry of Justice Licenced Translator...

A Ministry of Justice licensed Arabic<> English translator will translate your document. The language will be official & professional. All rules set by the Government & the Ministry of Justice with respect to legal translation will be observed at all means.

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Multiple Language Legal Translation Services in the United Arab Emirates

A legal translation in the UAE is a translation that is done by a legal translator approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice of UAE and can be attested by a Notary Public in UAE, The Ministry of Justice of UAE, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE, and subsequently by the Embassies & Consulates of Other countries in UAE. These attestations make the translation acceptable in other countries as well as inside the UAE.

Legal Translators for all languages are not available in the UAE. But there comes a situation when a legal translation of documents in those languages is required. The procedure is lengthy but a legal translation for such language is possible. We can assist you with a legal translation from and to languages for which you won’t find a legal translator in the UAE. We can also assist you with the legalization of the translations for use abroad. Also, we can arrange legal translation of foreign documents and legalize them for use inside the UAE.

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We have all that you need...

This is just the beginning of our relationship. We ensure and guarantee you the best service. This is not a claim that is out of the box. We invite you to visit our Google My Business page and you will know how our existing clients look at us. We are excited to serve you.


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