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Do you want a high-quality Italian Legal Translation?

Benvenuto! This is the beginning of your professional relationship with us. We assure you of a wonderful journey with us. There will be no hassles and all smooth and velvety. This we can claim due to the specialties you will enjoy with us.

We promise you will get all the support you need as a dedicated accounts manager will take care of you from the beginning until the end of the service period. We are experienced in the field of Italian legal translation for several years. You will get prompt & quick service, fast & high response rate, 6-step filters for quality tests, confidentiality, & affordable pricing.


The language combinations with Italian that are available with us...

The following language combinations are available for you

Italian<>Arabic Legal Translation

Italian<>English Legal Translation

Italian<>French Legal Translation

Italian<>Spanish Legal Translation

Italian<>German Legal Translation

Italian<>Russian Legal Translation

Italian<>Turkish Legal Translation

Italian<>Farsi/ Persian Legal Translation

Italian<>Chinese Legal Translation

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For Italian to other languages...

We have partner offices in 120 countries. If you need a legal translation from Italian to any other language or vice versa we will arrange it for you. This is not a great deal for you just call us or send an Email. Suppose you need legal translation from Vietnamese to Italian legal translation, Italian to Bahasa legal translation or any other language pair let us know without hesitation we will be there to help you.


You must know how to evaluate the quality of translation...

Get a basic evaluation done for the translation you receive. You can approach any colleague or friend who is a native Italian and has proficiency in the target language or vice versa.

The core aspects that need to be checked are as follows:

  • 1- Use of legal semantics
  • 2- Use of legal terminologies
  • 3- Use of standardized legal phrases
  • 4- Construing to legal genre conventions
  • 5- Mistakes with respect to syntax
  • 6- Mistakes with respect to punctuation
  • 7- Lack of cohesion and cultural aspects
  • 8- Wrong number, date, time, and other formats
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What are the common mistakes...

The very common mistakes are around the right choice of words in translation, syntax, genders, and use of punctuations. Other common errors are in the formation of plurals, and direct & indirect sentences. The cases of the sentences are often misunderstood and thus translated wrongly.

The biggest complication in the Italian language is its gendered nouns. Adjectives come after nouns, unlike English. The use of double-negatives is very common in Italian, here is where the translators stumble. So because of this, you may translate a sentence in Italian to English as “ I don’t know nothing”. In English this will mean …. He/She knows something. But in Italian the sentence meant…. He/She knows nothing.

English has a minimum of 12 tenses, whereas Italian has a maximum of 5 tenses. When a sentence is in a tense for which there is no corresponding tense in Italian auxiliary words are used to convey the same meaning and this is very complicated and tricky. This is where the translations often go wrong.

There are many more. We can discuss that on a separate page. We discussed these few to give you a better understanding of how important it is to choose the right translation partner.

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Italian Legal Translation is generally required for documents like...

Educational documents include academic documents including marks memos, transcripts, report cards, school certificates, character certificates, transfer certificates, thesis, degrees & diplomas. Commercial documents like bank statements, insurance papers, business licenses, Memorandums, Terms & Conditions, Policies, Agreements, Audit & Annual reports, etc.

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Multiple Language Legal Translation Services in the United Arab Emirates

A legal translation in the UAE is a translation that is done by a legal translator approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice of UAE and can be attested by a Notary Public in UAE, The Ministry of Justice of UAE, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE, and subsequently by the Embassies & Consulates of Other countries in UAE. These attestations make the translation acceptable in other countries as well as inside the UAE.

Legal Translators for all languages are not available in the UAE. But there comes a situation when a legal translation of documents in those languages is required. The procedure is lengthy but a legal translation for such language is possible. We can assist you with a legal translation from and to languages for which you won’t find a legal translator in the UAE. We can also assist you with the legalization of the translations for use abroad. Also, we can arrange legal translation of foreign documents and legalize them for use inside the UAE.

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The Guarantee & Contentment that you deserve...

Your contentment is our aim. Your happiness makes us happy. We guarantee you a smooth and happy journey with us. We will do all that gives you satisfaction. Once you try our service you will always be with us. The quality and integrity of service and the value of the time and money you spend all will be reciprocated. We are excited to work for you.

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