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You need a translation services partner that cares about your needs and understands your desired specifications. It is very important to know clearly what a client wants to say. Once we know your specifications we will brief you with all the details. The translation that we will provide will be highly authentic and trust-worthy. This is because of our excellent team of professional translators & linguists. The translators are from the academic & practicing backgrounds of medicine, surgery, bio-sciences, and pharmacology. Also, the other specialties of ours are a dedicated accounts manager, quick turn-around time, 6-step quality control due-diligences, confidentiality, pricing, high response rates, & a long time experience. Avail our services once and we guarantee you high satisfaction.


You want to know what medical translation services mean...

Medical Document Translation Services play a vital communication role in the pharmaceutical sector. The translation of medical, pharmaceutical & bio-related documents and conversations is known as medical translation. It may be a legal translation wherever required and it may be a normal translation also. But mostly normal translation is required for medical, pharmaceutical & bio-related content. A legal translation is only required when you have to submit a medical or diagnostic report to an authority for the sake of sanctioning a leave or claiming insurance.

The scope of medical translation is wide. Even when you translate patents related to medical instruments, equipment, machinery & biochemical formulae of invested medicines it is known as medical translation.

Medical translation is also required in hospitals to facilitate communication between a reporting patient, his representatives & the hospital authorities & the doctors. And, there is more to it.

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You need a medical translation...

Your insurance company has asked you to submit your reports in English to process your claim. You got your treatment in Germany. All the documents related to your diagnosis & treatments are in German. This is when you need a medical translation in your ordinary life.

You are a scientist and you have invented a vaccine or a medicine recently. Now you need to register the patent in any foreign country you would need a medical translation of your documents.

If you are a manufacturing company and have manufactured new equipment and want to market it across the world you would need a medical translation of the brochure, user manual, technical manual, and other related literature.

You are a publisher and you have made good commerce on a particular few books of biological & biochemical related academic books. Now you want to publish these books in other languages you need a medical translation.

There are many other instances when you need medical translation to achieve an objective in the healthcare sector. That may be for personal reasons or for international commercial needs.


Which documents need a medical translation...

The list below is not an exhaustive list but mostly these documents need a medical translation.

Medical charts & Medical insurance documents

Medical supplies of all kinds

Medical insurance documents

Informed consent forms & Hospital discharge papers

Scientific publications & Scientific Research Papers

Medical & Hospital records

Pharmaceutical related Regulations and legislations

Clinical study reports & Clinical protocols

Clinical Trials & Medical reports

Clinical protocol synopsis

Informed Consent Forms

Clinical Study Agreements and contracts

Patient Information Leaflets

Case Report & other Forms

Physician Manuals

Autopsy & other Reports

Study drug labels and drug inserts

Instruction Manuals for Use for medical devices

User Manuals & User Guides for medical devices.

Patent applications

Patient reports


Production requirement documents and Standard Office procedures

Translation of website content related to Biological Sciences

What are the quality standards required for a medical translation...

quality control

To meet the above-mentioned objectives a medical translation company must have any or all of the below certifications.

  • 1. EN 15038
  • 2. ISO 9001
  • 3. ISO 13485

The above-mentioned are all international quality standards and are essential for translation companies especially if they are involved in medical translation services.

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Last but not least...

We have well conversed with all the nuances of medical translation services. We guarantee you happiness & joy working with us. This is a very serious field of translation and we will deal with all necessary care and protection. All necessary quality checks will be made by professional proofreaders from the field of medicine & pharmacology. Our medical translators are native speakers and are experts in the target languages. They are also professional and knowledgeable in any subject matter in the medical field, medical languages, and medical terminologies. We will assign dedicated project managers to make sure we deliver accurate translations. The project managers are also experts in translation and editing and have been professional translators and editors for many years. The end product will be the best that you get in the market.

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